Grupo Halcon

We operate in most countries in the world, thanks to our versatility and ability to adapt to changes in different markets.

We are a company dedicated to design, manufacture and distribution of ceramic products and offer the widest range of floor and wall tiles as well as trims: tiles in red and white paste, ceramic and porcelain flooring, all in a selection of sizes, colours and textures.

We have the most advanced technology, we offer competitive prices and work on the continuous improvement of all production processes to advance and meet the most demanding needs of the market.

We are a highly-productive company with a great team and a clear long-term vision; in addition to always maintaining a commitment to the environment by using recycled materials in our production process.

We have maintained a strong profitable growth path in recent years, while expanding our leadership position in the global market. Our diversity of highly-attractive brands and products and growing presence in all key areas of the world are competitive advantages for the Halcón Group.

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